LCA was founded by two students of Economics: Anthony & Vitalyano in 2012, Kiev.
Later in 2013, after a new singer joined the band, they decide to change the name of the project to LCA & Melo D Bright. But after 2 years they severed the relations with Melo D Bright and returned to the name LCA.
From Europe, they are currently one of the fresh artists breaking through in the world’s music scene. LCA are more than artists, they are songwriters, producers and video directors.
People call them “club bangers” cause of the way they perform (dancing, singing and making live show using beat maker, keyboard and voice with autotune). Media call their style “intellectual hip-hop” cause LCA loves to make motivational and inspirational songs.
“Glory Road EP” was produced by LCA in the garage and released with SMG records & media (Sony red) — 11th of July. Next day after album released, single «Do my thang» become Top downloaded track on ITUNES UKRAINE. LCA’s first two singles «Curtain Falls» plus «Young & Wild are already getting attention from many of DJs on radio shows worldwide. They are creators of the main soundtrack from the huge Ukrainian movie #SELFIEPARTY.
Performed on Z games festival with such artists in line up as: Xzibit and TWRK.
In summer 2016, LCA was a Headliner of “Holi In Ua” festival.


Anthony Mehed (real name — Anton Sych) — artist, producer, songwriter, dancer, video director and clothes designer.
Born: 16.05.1989 in Kiev. He spent his childhood in a small apartment with his mother, brothers and stepfather. Anthony had never seen his own father. Since childhood, he loved basketball, which he believes has brought him the spirit of a fighter and a winner. He began composing rap since 12 years.
Inspired by: Allen Iverson, Eminem, Jay Z, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Kanye West, Macklemore, Chris Brown .

Vitalyano LCA (real name — Vitaliy Zinchenko) — artist, producer , dancer .
Born : 03.10.1986 in Kiev.
When Vitalyano was seven, his mom bought him a piano. Since that time he loves music. He started to dance breakdance at 10, later Vitalyano organized his own dance crew Respect.
Inspired by: Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Michael Jackson and Chris Brown.